52mm beech teething rings - set 10

These 52mm teething rings are made from beech hardwood and are the perfect surface to teethe on and an ideal size for little fingers to grasp.

Beech vs Maple
Beech teething rings are slightly more expensive than maple.
They are equally suitable for teething on - they visually have a different grain and distinctive 'flecks' in the wood.
Beech is has a higher shock resistance and is a harder wood.

All natural and toxic-free, no chemicals have been used during the manufacturing process.
Just wood. Pure and Simple.

· Super durable and safe for babies to chew on. Perfect for those sore gums and budding teeth!

· Eco-friendly and naturally anti-bacterial - these make an ideal gift!

AS/NZS 8124 safety compliant as stand-alone teething toys
If you choose the unsanded option we recommend a light all-over sand prior to using.

CARE: wipe clean with a damp cloth, do not immerse in water.

52mm beech teething rings - set 10